The Mobile Score Scoreboard can keep scores for Baseball/Softball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Pickleball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby and Cornhole. More sports will be added!

The Mobile Score Scoreboard is completely weatherproof. It is operable during rain, snow, sleet, or shine, with an operating temperature between -4° to 140° Fahrenheit, or -20° to 60° Celsius. However, we do not recommend playing sports when it's as hot as 140°F / 60°C or as cold as -4°F / -20°C.

The Mobile Score Scoreboard is designed and constructed with portability in mind, crafted with industrial grade polymer which is both durable and lightweight to withstand any weather condition. It is also the first app-based scoreboard that allows user to wirelessly keep score from his/her tablet or mobile device without the need for a separate, dedicated remote. In short, Mobile Score is the complete turnkey solution for your scoring needs.

Mobile Score offers a free and intuitive Scorekeeper App, accessible for both iPhone and Android! Download from Apple's App Store or Google's Play, connect to the scoreboard via Bluetooth, and start keeping score immediately so everyone will "Know the Score!"

For Apple users, your tablet or mobile device must be running iOS 12 or later.

For Android users, your tablet or mobile device must be running Android 9 or later.

The battery runtime will vary based on individual use case (sport category, brightness setting, scoring frequency). Average users can typically operate the scoreboard continuously between 6 to 10 hours from a full charge.
Pressing the small button on side of the battery shows the charging status of battery.  4 LEDs indicate the battery is fully charged. 1 LED indicate the battery is down to 1/4th its capacity.
When the battery level is drained to 1/4th capacity, all the LEDs on the scoreboard display will flash once every minute. This flashing prompt indicates that you will have between 30 ~ 60 minutes until the battery is completely drained, again, depending on your brightness setting and usage.
If you're near a power source, plug in the AC adapter to simultaneously charge the battery while continue to operate the scoreboard. In doing so, the scoreboard will operate uninterrupted. If a power supply is unavailable, once the battery cells are drained the scoreboard will shut off. Should this happen, the game statistics (scores, clock) will continue to operate normally in the App. If you are in possession of a spare, 2nd battery, swap out the drained battery for a fully charged unit and the App will prompt you to port the game statistics to the scoreboard to continue your game session. 
We strongly urge that you purchase a spare, 2nd battery if you will often operate in an environment without access to a power supply. 

No, our batteries only work with the charger that comes with the Mobile Score Kit. Using other chargers will void your warranty and could damage the battery.

No, but you can if you want. Our scoreboard kit comes with a floor stand so it doesn't have to sit on the ground, and carabiner hanging hooks so you can easily hang your Scoreboard if accessible! We also have two holes on the back to hang on the wall.

The Scoreboard was created with portability and ease in mind. Simply fold it at the hinges, safely secure it in the backpack that comes with the purchase of you Scoreboard Kit, and you are free to take it wherever you go. By the way, it is carry-on friendly when you fly!

Should you need to return your unit, please contact [email protected] to begin the RMA process. No returned units are accepted without a RMA. Once the RMA unit is received, it will be evaluated to make sure there are no damages, missing parts and the product is in its original packaging. Once approved, the customer will receive a refunded minus the shipping and restocking fee.

Our scoreboard is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase. We strongly recommend that you register your product online.

For Apple users, your tablet or mobile device must be running iOS 12 or later.

For Android users, your tablet or mobile device must be running Android 9 or later.

In an outdoor area with minimal electromagnetic interference, the scoreboard is able to stay connected to the App and your mobile device a distance in excess of 100 yards, or more than 300 ft.

You can control two (2) Mobile Score Scoreboards simultaneously in stereo mode from a single App session, meaning the one person keeping score on his/her mobile device is able to connect to two (2) scoreboards at the same time, with both scoreboards displaying identical scores and game statistics. The second scoreboard must be purchased separately, of course.


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